Applying New Technologies to Discover New Oil in Old Fields

About Us

Petroflow Energy Corporation is an independent exploration and production company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was formed October 2011 and is comprised of a team of veteran industry professionals. Our focus at Petroflow is to apply new exploration, completion and development techniques to old fields to unlock previously untapped reserves that were either passed over or never fully exploited - "New Oil in Old Fields."

Our exploration capabilities allow us to target development of only those leases that are commercial, which will ensure the efficient and high impact deployment of our invested capital. With the abundance of oil and gas reserves remaining in old fields combined with our application of new techniques we will be able to execute a low risk strategy of developing reserves while providing meaningful returns.

Petroflow Energy Corporation | 15 West 6th Street, Suite 1100 | Tulsa, OK 74119 | 918-592-1010